About Gerry Monaghan

I am an artist and a dad who lives in Ithaca, NY with my partner Viola and our 3 boys. I have a BFA from SUNY Purchase in sculpture and graphic design. After working for many years as a graphic designer and print artist I began realizing that almost everything I produced was disposable with an expiration date or shelf life. I found this dissatisfying and had a desire to use my talents to lend to permanence and the creating of artifacts.

I find myself identifying with the outsider artists and the self-taught artists of the late 20th Century. Artists like Emery Blagdon, Henry Darger, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, and James Castle. And while I am far too educated to ever be considered a self-taught artist, I have developed the language of my materials on my own. I continue to discover a vocabulary of materials & building techniques, which are largely focused on ubiquitous materials (which are also archival). Toothpicks, chair cane, coffee filters, buttons & beads, tape, glue, and paint, all allow me to articulate volumes which speak to rhythm and meter, and metaphorically, to the interrelationships of lives woven together. Like Rumpelstiltskin, I am creating objects of art by weaving together the ubiquitous, found in junk shops & dollar stores, instead of straw. My work is sculptural basketry. Tatlin meets the Appalachian Craft tradition and beautiful organic forms take shape.


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Show Opening

Raven's Nest Gallery Art Show Aug 10 to Sep 5August 10, 2012
The big day is here.

Gerry Monaghan Flickr Photos

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