Graphic Design


Graphic Design

It is so much fun to take someone’s concept and bring it to life as an identity with line work and type. The development process is one of going back & forth with the client in a feedback loop. They need to be willing to work at explaining what they want, showing me things they like, saying what they don’t like. It can require several rounds of emails, but when you start to get closer, the client starts to feel ownership of this image that is their Identity. They can truely identify.
I used to have thousands of fonts on my computer. I now think it is good to look to the basic fonts which come with the computer for 80% of my design work. There is a reason those fonts were chosen, they cover a nice range of styles, and using them makes for harmonious layouts as projects progress. I also collect type books when I go snooping in junk shops. I like to cut and paste the letters from the font alphabets in Photoshop, building the logo digitally with layers, drawing with the pen tool, exporting paths to Illustrator. The results of this can be very dynamic. 
I learned about postscript drawing a number of years ago. I can spend hours just laying out anchor points and direction points. It is also great to use postscript drawing in Photoshop as a masking tool. I find it particularly useful to use in files where I have done significant resourcing-up and I need to reduce rasterizing. To me, postscript drawing is central to the act of creating line art. Pixels are cool but creating vectors is the ultimate.

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Raven's Nest Gallery Art Show Aug 10 to Sep 5August 10, 2012
The big day is here.

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